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Social Commentary

I decided early in the recent pandemic to remove the bulk of my witty/ snarky comment graphic tees in favour of the more uplifting JKL (Joy, Kindness, Love) Series. However a few designs remained, and […]

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Born Again

Be proud of your spiritual growth. Few of us are raised in Wiccan or other so-called “heathen” traditions; we come to it in our own way. Honour that journey to your second life; born again […]

Graphic Design

Silence=Death 2017

Silence = Death: This was a battle cry for we AIDS activists in the ’80s. Those with the virus, or a positive exposure test, needed to speak up so that the size and scope of […]

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Designs On Gender

As someone from the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, born and raised in North America, I was taught that there are two genders- Male and Female. As I grew up I learned that other cultures/societies have a […]

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to insanity And Beyond

Regular readers of my personal blog know that I’ve repressed most of my childhood before about age 6 or 7. After graduating High School in rural south-western Ontario I lived in a nearby small city […]

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The Gryphon Rule

I decided that it was time to re-write the well-known Golden Rule to reflect the truth that not everyone likes the same things; ‘different strokes for different folks’ as another saying goes. The result is […]

Graphic Design

Teddy Bear Tears

My series of Teddy Bear Tears Kaleidoscope Prints; “deceptively bright expressions of pain and anger over repressed childhood trauma.” I don’t know if my resistance to a palette of only/mostly dark shades and muted colours […]

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Sister Flirt’s Meditations

It all started with my “Choose JOY” logotype; a 2015 response to how my Spirit was feeling underwhelmed by life. Embracing the deep-seated JOY that bubbles out of my work as Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of […]

Graphic Design

My JKL Designs

I refuse to allow my justified anger and deep sadness to be the totality of my self-expression. So I created my Choose JOY™ logotype to “encourage others (and remind myself) to choose joy“. I continue […]


December Roses

Images from Columbus’ Whetstone Park of Roses created on December 1st (World AIDS Day) are available in a premium quality photo book and as frame-able wall art. “Why roses?” you might ask. I could talk […]