A deck of 46 cards with a Keyword/ Phrase across the top inspired by lyrics (also included on the card) from the catalogue of Romanovsky & Phillips, and Ron Romanovsky‘s solo career.

As with most ‘Oracle Decks‘ published these days, this is not a fortune-telling deck but a collection of prompts for personal reflection, with both affirmations and ‘shadow aspects’ to consider.

Many of the phrases are pretty typical of Oracle decks, but a few will be more familiar to folks in, or familiar with, gay male/queer cultures. At the same time, the combination of quoted lyrics with the Key Word/ Phrase on each card make unnecessary an additional Guidebook.

Available now, printed on demand, at TheGameCrafter.com. As their name indicates, they produce table top board games as well as decks of cards. Their website auto-generates a 30 Day production estimate but my recent order arrived in 18 days.

Below are pix of actual test cards; the images link to a full-size version. Note these cards were ordered before I changed the project name to The Official R&P Lyrical Oracle Deck. Below those are a list of the Key Words/ Phrases in the deck.

list of key words, phrases.
All lyrics ©copyright Ron Romanovsky or Paul Phillips or Romanovsky & Phillips. Used under license. All rights reserved.