no stressBrian, The Digital Gryphon:
In addition to working various full-time jobs since leaving school, I’ve been producing photographic images for over 40 years. My first assignment was for the high school yearbook. My on-line history goes back to CompuServe, Freenets and 2400 baud modems. In fact, Dad introduced me to ‘puters by letting me write code (in ‘basic‘) for the IBM-5150. Now I operate a number of web-sites and on-line shops.

I came out as gay to my family and the world (well, the readership of the Chatham Daily News) in 1978. I have self-identified as Queer for more than a decade. My designs and my blog posts, are sex-positive and pro-diversity; created from a progressive point of view.

I offer my photography & design on apparel & gift items, and as frame-able prints. The Digital Gryphon LLC is the business entity behind my various creative endeavours.

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Some words on words (from my blog):
Queer is more than just shorthand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans; Queer encompasses diversity in Sexual Orientation, Sexual Proclivities, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression. That includes who we engage with sexually/sensually and how. From whether or not traditional romance is involved, to how long a relationship is expected to last and how many participants. It also includes who we are and how we experience & express our personal gender.