List of promotion options at The GameCrafter.The GameCrafter provides a variety of tools to help you promote your deck’s listing there. Note that, other than Site Wide Sales and Deal of the Day, these are totally at your expense by using Crafter Points** or marketing off-site.

In addition to the various options under your game’s Promote Tab discussed here, you can now offer custom Discount Coupons for one, some, or all your decks.

All quoted material on this page is from either the Promote tab for one of my games, or their Help section.

**Crafter Points
Visit this page at TGC for info on how to earn Crafter Points, and other ways to spend them. Basically, you get them for buying games and/or participating in the TGC Community.

Special Promotions:
The Game Crafter offers the Deal of the Day:
You can opt-in to promote your game at a discount via our Deal of the Day. (Please note that adult-themed games cannot be promoted via Deal of the Day at this time.) To do this, select ‘Yes, promote my game!’ under Promotion Opt-In, and enter the minimum amount you need to make per copy during the promotion. You will want to make sure that the profit per game for the promotion is less than the current profit per game.

Details on how TGC calculates their share of the promotional discount is about half way down this Help Article at TGC.

Site Wide Sale:
A couple times per year The Game Crafter will offer a themed site-wide sale. You must opt-in specifically for each sale if you want to participate. It is a way to draw attention to your game.

a Community Verified badge displayed on sales pages if earned
The GameCrafter ‘Community Verified’ logo.
They have announced a Tarot & Oracle Deck Sale for May 23-28, 2023. I confirmed with JT (one of the owners) that they forgo their usual Marketing Fee – that is the ~30% they deduct from our Mark Up (MU is the difference between the selling price and the deck production cost). I believe that TGC uses the same calculation mentioned for the Deal of the Day for their share.

I’ve set my Sale Price for the decks at 24% off the usual retail price, and should average the same dollar amount per sale.

Note that your deck must first pass a Community Verified Test to be included:
For 6,000 Crafter Points, you can get 120 opinions on the content in your game via our community verified testing service, which then gets you access to all kinds of promotion and sales tools if you pass.

Featured Status:
Set your game apart by spending Crafter Points to feature your game in our shop.

You can spend 1,000 Crafter Points to feature your game in the shop for one day. Featured games stand out in the shop. They’re placed on the front page of the shop, and have a special searchable designation. They also get a special border in the search listings anywhere they are displayed. This special designation will help you stand out from the crowd, and sell more games.

Showcase Status:
You can also do a variant of Featured Status called Showcasing your game. That’s the large graphic that appears on the front page of our site. This costs 2,000 Crafter Points per day.

Promoting on Social Networks:
The Game Crafter has lots of followers on its various social networks. You can spend 10,000 Crafter Points to do a once-per-week promotion to our followers on Facebook, or 5,000 Crafter Points to do a once-per-day promotion to our followers on Twitter.

Buy Button:
This option generates an “HTML snippet to add a ‘buy’ button for your game to your site. Using this button will add your game to our shopping cart and redirect them to the checkout process.

Add To Cart Button:
This option generates an “HTML snippet to add an ‘add to cart’ button for your game to your site. Using this button will add your game to our shopping cart, and then you’ll also need to provide a checkout link” which is included on the same page.

TGC Widgets:
TGC Widgets is a third-party tool that makes beautiful widgets that are easily installed on your own web site to promote your game. Best of all, it’s tied directly to your game on The Game Crafter so when you update the game here, it automatically updates your widgets.

I did a screen grab from part of the very- easy- to- use process.

Use this URL to link to your game if you’re going to change the name of your game or you don’t like the auto-generated URL.” Note the permalink is, to be blunt, an ugly string of characters.

Use this button to create a shortcut to your game, starting with “

Slugs must be at least 4 characters long and contain letters, numbers, underscores and dashes.
Each shortened URL will redirect to the permalink for this game,
[the permalink for your game will be displayed].
You may have a maximum of 3 shortened URLs for this game.
It may take several minutes for the shortcut to become active.