There are many advantages to using a Print On Demand (POD) partner, along with some drawbacks. I have a number of pages on using POD for your Tarot or Oracle deck in this site.

I offer a number of decks through (TGC). These decks are ’boutique’ -they aren’t likely to ever win volume sales awards nor likely to be picked up by a mass market publisher. The retail pricing at TGC is set to give the deck creator a fair return after production and marketing expenses; not high enough to provide the sort of wholesale discount large sales outlets demand.

Pricing On Case Lots:
I am able to offer a fair wholesale discount based on my pricing for orders of at least 10 copies of the same deck. Discounts vary, up to 40%. The current production estimate for Volume Orders is eight(8) weeks; they usually are able to finish early, but there are no guarantees and no discounts for delays.

Pricing On Loose Stock:
I am able to offer a much smaller discount, which also varies by deck selection, for a Wholesale order of 12 or more assorted decks. By ordering less than 10 copies of a single item we avoid the Bulk Order production queue; regular orders typically finish production in 3 weeks or less.

These prices are just a small fraction above my cost; but they do add to my Designer Rewards (a form of volume discount).

Important Terms:
# With either pricing plan shipping fees are extra and must be quoted based on shipping weight and delivery address;
# Quotes are valid for 10 days;
# All decks are © copyright by their creator and offered under license;
# As The GameCrafter requires payment upon ordering, I am unable to extend credit at this time.

If you operate a retail outlet (whether ‘brick and mortar’ or virtual) offering Tarot and Oracle decks, and are interested in receiving a quote, please reach me at thedigitalgryphon[at]gmail[dot]com.

Clockwise, from top left.
The Official R&P Lyrical Oracle Deck;
Choose JOY Travel Altar;
The Tarot of Sister Who/ Jumbo;
Tarot of Sister Who/ Majors+;
Sister Flirt’s Meditations/ Holographic;
(also available on non-holographic linen stock)