Some of the folks that have entrusted me with their work, and permit me to share.

My Experience and Training

Photography and Graphic Design:
I have been producing photographic images for over 50 years. My first assignment was for the high school yearbook. I took advantage of photography workshops and seminars, and did operate my own darkroom while living in S/W Ontario. Starting in 2009 I was registered as pursuing an Associates Degree (AAS) at Columbus State Community College. I earned both an Advanced Digital Photography Certificate and Photoshop for Photographers Certificate while completing most General Studies requirements.

On The Great Wide Web:
My on-line history goes back to CompuServe, Freenets and 2400 baud modems. In fact, Dad introduced me to ‘puters by letting me write code (in ‘basic‘) for the IBM-5150. Now I operate a number of web-sites and on-line shops. I opened my first POD (Print On Demand) shop at Cafepress in 2004, and have had shops at (or extensively reviewed) pretty much every merchandise POD site in the years since.

Business Operations:
I bring decades of experience in commercial and retail sales, marketing, management and systems. I entered the retail workforce right out of Secondary School, working at an independent camera store in a nearby small city. Most of my positions have been customer-driven; from selling commercial & fine art supplies to retail and commercial customers to running my own businesses. After some real-world work experience I earned a Business Management Certificate from George Brown College in Toronto ON. I moved to Columbus, OH in 1996 and have since worked in a wide variety of positions.