Example of a Photography Portfolio Project
the full cover The client was the photographer’s spouse; the book a surprise gift. After an initial telephone consultation all correspondence was via email and Dropbox exchange of files. The project included two distinct phases. The first was Design Consultation, recommending:

  • image selection from a large portfolio of work;
  • selection of page size and paper selection;
  • image and text layout;
  • title, ISBN?, author’s bio;
  • chapters/ categories;
  • number of pages based on above factors;
  • cover style & design;

The Design Phase for this type of project typically requires from 6 to 10 hours, depending on how many drafts of various image selection/ page layout options are required to select the final version.

The second phase, preparing Production Files (inside pages and cover art done separately) will generally take less time. For this 112 page portfolio it required about 4 billable hours to produce high-resolution .pdf files suitable for upload to a number of different POD (print-on-demand) web-sites. Time to correct an error on our part, of course, is not billable. Client changes at this point would be.

The investment for Design and Production Files of a large-format, hard cover book of 112 pages would be from 10 to 12 billable hours. Although more than the cost of a single copy of the book, it will produce a publication worthy of the work which also may proudly be offered for sale or presented to potential high-value clients. The above is not an Affiliate Link; I will not earn anything if you buy the book. I just believe that the work deserves to be seen.

Two other full-colour cover mock-ups and a test of 2-page spread: