“I am a Sacred Clown, forms of which have been part of every tribal society since the beginning of human history; the one whose job is to inspire others toward personal/spiritual growth and a positive attitude toward discovery, diversity, and constructive change. A soft-spoken and gentle gay man also known as Denver NeVaar, I am passionate about the value of life and spirituality, have also competed in physique/bodybuilding and enjoy hiking and skiing.

“My spirituality is very eclectic, having begun within the Roman Catholic Church and included experiences of Pentecostal and Non- Pentecostal protestant Christianity as well as Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, New Age, Native American, and Unitarian- Universalist forms of spirituality. I am a nun according to the more inclusive definition of a commitment to spiritual service. Through intuitive meditation, readings using various tools, and empathic dialogue, I open windows and doors of insight, offer hope, and provide inspiration that can be especially helpful within those moments when life is a confusing, discouraging, or even adversarial jungle.”

See SisterWho.com for more information on their Ministry.

introductory slideSister Who Presents is an ongoing series of talk shows, the majority of which are approximately one half hour in length and contain discussion of some issue or idea related to life or spirituality in some way. Some episodes also contain original songs. Over half of the available episodes are recordings of discussions of issues and ideas between Sister Who and a special guest. The remaining episodes are usually a solitary reflection by Sister Who upon issues and ideas related to a particular metaphor or a specific topic.

Most were first aired on a Colorado cable access channel; now available on this youTube page.

The Digital Gryphon LLC is proud to support that Ministry by managing Sister Who’s social media presence. We prepared production files for The Tarot of Sister Who and coordinate with The Gamecrafter; our deck Production Partner.

Sister Who’s Original Songs:
Dozens of original songs available on four CDs. Visit SisterWho.com for sound clips and to purchase your own copies direct from Sister.

The Digital Gryphon LLC is now an authorized distributor of Sister’s 4 music CDs within the USA; visit TheDigitalGryphon.com to purchase your copies. That site also offers both versions of the Tarot of Sister Who for folks who don’t want to wait for TheGameCrafter to print to order. Please note that I take only a nominal fee for these sales; my priority is making the items as available as possible.

Jumbo and Standard SizesThe Tarot of Sister Who
Designed for personal reflection, increased self-awareness, and contemplative meditation and illustrated with photographs of Sister Who taken in and around the mountains in Colorado. This deck has been designed for personal spiritual growth rather than divination or prognostication. That being said, there are more than enough parallels for the deck to be used that way in the right hands. See our page on The Tarot of Sister Who for more information and images.
The Jumbo Deck includes:
* 78 Tarot Cards (3.5″x5.5″);
* 6 Informational Cards (3.5″x5.5″);
* In a 2-part ‘Stout Box’;
* 33 page book (as a .pdf file digital download).

The Tarot of Sister Who is also available as a deck of 38 Tarot size (2.75″x4.75″) Major Arcana and Court Card Replacement cards.

Important Details:
Shipping, taxation and returns are determined by each Production Partner. Visit Help.TheGamecrafter for their policies regarding production, taxes and shipping orders for The Tarot of Sister Who.