Designs On Gender

As someone from the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, born and raised in North America, I was taught that there are two genders- Male and Female. As I grew up I learned that other cultures/societies have a wide variety of genders. Direct experience in my LGBT/Queer communities confirmed the truth that gender is much more diverse; wonderfully complex and rich. Or it is, if we can undo the chains of fundamentalist binary thinking.

A useful definition for folks not interested in studying advanced biology, sociology and cultural anthropology is “A person’s gender is the complex interrelationship between three dimensions: body, identity, and social gender” (source: Gender Spectrum; a non-profit that “works to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens“.)

One of the many blessings I experience as someone who came out in 1978 and survived the onslaught of grid/ aids/ hiv (and other attacks on my community) is living to see a growing understanding and acceptance of the gender spectrum. I’ve created a small number of graphic designs to celebrate this; as shown here most are available on apparel from my Threadless shop. All proceeds support this independent queer Creative in semi-retirement.

Not all colours or product types shown here are available at our current Production Partner at this time.

Gender (whatever)
Define yourself however you wish- your gender is whatever you know it to be. Come out as Gender (whatever) so that you are living more authentically. Come out so that people around you can see you, can see that diversity of gender expression is natural.

This design was inspired by a post on my personal blog. It is available with the text in various solid colours and patterns.

t-shirt with Gender Mysterious on the frontGender Mysterious;
I encourage folx to Come Out about their sexual and gender identities, as a form of quiet activism. At the same time, not everyone needs to know every detail of our lives. Personal details are just that; personal.

t-shirt with Gender Fluid printed on the frontOther Gender Identities
Show your support for the right of self-expression and self-identity for all of us. Whether you are Gender Creative, Gender Fluid, Gender Queer or perhaps Gender Retired.

GenderQueer Pride Flag;
One of the growing collection of pride flags for specific parts of the LGBT/Queer universe.

Get Out Of Gender FREE ;
Someone on social media commented that they were so tired of explaining (if not defending) themselves and wished they could ‘escape gender’. Rae Spoon, singer and composer, used the phrase “gender retired” in Gender Failure which they co-authored with fellow Canadian performing artist Ivan Coyote.

Those two expressions, along with my being old enough to’ve played board games as a kid, brought the idea of a Get Out Free card immediately to mind. In fact, I created artwork and ordered a box of them; with the url for my GQL (see next design) site. That domain name expired, but the idea of the card is still as valid as your gender.

Quantum Gender (Because binary is so basic);
As we move into the 21st century, our older, simple, notions of gender, sexuality and identity are expanding. Someone posted the phrase ‘quantum gender’ on social media- and the rest of this design immediately came to mind.

Resist Binary Categorization
The results are in; science has proven that human biology resists simplified binary categorization. Fundamentals are always only the starting point to the wide diversity that is this reality.

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GQL Logotype;
This was created to be the header logotype for my Gender Queer Life website. I created that in January 2017 as a response to the 2016 US Federal Election results and certain behaviours coming out of that. The website didn’t get traction, and .life domain name registration is US$40 a year so I’ve let the name expire. I still like the design, and am excited to see many of these terms being used for self-identification. Designer royalties from these products help keep this independent queer creative going strong.

Not yet uploaded to the new Production Partner.

Important Disclosures:
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